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Oleksandr Kaytansky
Head of administrative practice of GR Group

National University "Odessa Law Academy", Master of Laws


Support of the state prosecution as an assistant prosecutor

Legal practice in the fields of civil, labor, administrative law and social security law

Work in the Directorate of Strategic Planning and European Integration of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

Scientific and teaching activities

Administrator of the working group for the implementation of Goal 123 "Ukrainians are less likely to face crime by reducing the number of recidivism (repeated crimes)" Program of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

Work on the development of the Methodology of impact assessment in accordance with the Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

Work on pilot implementation of RBM methodology (RESULTS BASED MANAGEMEN) in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

Membership and professional appointments

Director of the Department of Administrative Policy and Institutional Development of the NGO "International Foundation of Development"


Author and co-author of more than 30 scientific and educational publications, including monographs

Author of courses and disciplines in labor law and social security law


Thanks to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for a significant contribution to the development of education and science of Ukraine

Life credo
"There are no problems, there are only challenges"
Professional credo
"Work should be a matter of life"
Personal credo
"When you control yourself you control the situation around you"
Civil, administrative, labor and social security law
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