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Omne difficile facile facimus
Складне робимо простим
Turn complicated into sophisticated

About us
GR Group is an international company providing a wide range of services in the areas of corporate, tax, banking and financial law, economic and political consulting. By maintaining high standards of quality, we strive for an excellent level of service.

GR Group is an example of innovative solutions, the highest standards and impeccable quality. Our team brings together professional and creative professionals from various fields with extensive practical experience.

Our lawyers, accountants, economists, sociologists, psychologists, auditors are confident that for your challenges we have our decisions.

Зв'яжіться з нами!
Our values
Corporate values are bases of our culture, which has allowed us to develop a unified company concept
Initiative and responsibility are the main features of our professional activity.
High qualification of our team, because we are constantly improving theoretical level of knowledge and practical skills. That is why we remain the first.

We create what others imitate.
Innovative approach and search for custom solutions in complex projects.
Unity in diversity
Realizing everyone's unique potential, we achieve high results together.
The results of GR Group work as of

Legal assistance

Political consulting

  • monitoring and analysis of state policy and socio-political situation in individual sectors
  • creation and support of political parties and public organizations
  • legal support and organizational support of election campaigns
  • developing political development strategies

Economic consulting

  • financial and management accounting
  • preparation of financial statements
  • development of accounting policy taking into account the size of the enterprise and the field of activity

    • banking and financial law
    • tax and customs law
    • real estate and construction
    • corporate law
    • intellectual property
    • criminal Law
    • labor Law
      • development and analysis of business contracts
      • identification and analysis of legal risks
      • legal analysis of constituent documents
      • analysis of internal legal documents of legal entities
      • legal advice, investing and return on investment
      • restructuring and bankruptcy
      • litigation
      • criminal-legal assistance
      • interaction with public authorities
        • preparation of an investment memorandum
        • research on external financing and identification of investment risks
        • development of presentation materials and support of the client during the preparatory stage of the investment activity
          • tax planning
          • assessment of alternative tax systems
          • tax optimization
          • assessment of tax risks


            • branding of corporate pages on social networks
            • content management (creating and maintaining a page, content analysis of textual information)
            • creating content and engaging the target audience
            • copywriting
            • development of digital strategies
            • development of SEO and ROAS oriented sites
            • display campaigns for brands
            • search engine optimization (SEO)
            • contextual advertising (PPC)
            • Targeted Social Advertising (TSMA)

              Science and technology

              • industrialization of science and technology projects
              • commercialization of scientific ideas, inventions and technologies
              • attraction of foreign investments from Germany, Turkey, Poland, Romania, France, Great Britain, Lithuania, Canada, USA, China, UAE
              • support for science and technology project platforms

              Procurement support

              Support of public procurement for customers
              • information and consultancy services relating to tender procedures
              • preparation of organizational and administrative documents on creation and activity of the tender committee
              • preparation of individual anti-corruption program and related documents
              • consideration of propositions, preparation of information on compliance of propositions with the requirements of the tender documentation
              • preparation of the draft contract with the successful tenderer and the draft report on the results of the procurement procedure
              • preparation and carrying out of sub-threshold purchases
              • preparation and holding of open auctions
              • preparation and conduct of negotiation procedure
                Support for public procurement participants (suppliers)
                • Expert advice on tender procedures and clarification, conclusions
                • examination of the tender documentation and other decisions of the customer for their compliance with the current legislation and the compliance of the tenderer
                • reviewing competitors' proposals to identify violations
                • bank / insurance guarantee check
                • preparation of complaints and requests for elimination of violations to the Customer, other control bodies
                • preparation of tender offer documents in accordance with the requirements of the tender documentation of the Customer
                • legal support of the participant during the auction
                • preparation of materials and representation of the participants in the AMCU in case of appeal

                  PRO BONO

                  • registration of the organization

                  • explanation of the procedure for obtaining benefits of the organization

                  • assistance in the direct activities of the organization

                  • development of the global legal position of the organization

                  • preparation of contracts for the work of the organization

                  • preparation of internal documents of the organization

                  • development of draft laws, draft bylaws, etc.

                  • Ongoing legal support on all legal issues

                  • joint lobbying with a certain bill

                  • promotion of the organization's ideas by GR GROUP representatives at events, meetings and in the media space

                  • finding partners for joint pro bono initiatives, negotiating a partnership on the part of the organization, etc.

                  • training of the public sector in the practices of organizing the legal business workflow

                  • discussion of social problems and opportunities

                  • organization and holding of various types of events, conferences and forums

                  • legal support for citizens

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